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May 20 2009


escwebs posted a link:

The cat sleeping on the chair next to me is snoring like a band saw....

May 19 2009


escwebs wrote:

Was up late. Overslept. Late to work. Restoring crashed server. Is the day over yet because I'm ready to go home. :)

May 14 2009


escwebs wrote:

It sure sucks when gmail is down. It's sad when even Google can't keep the internet running...

escwebs wrote:

I followed !forestninja's Colorstrology link (http://socialkloud.com/note/13496) and found that I'm Pantone 15-1614 (blush): Imaginative, Instinctive, knowledgeable. :)

May 13 2009


escwebs wrote:

2 weeks ago my daughter found a 4 leaf clover in our yard. Last week she found a second one. Yesterday, she found FIVE 4 leaf clovers plus a 5 leaf clover! She's one lucky kid... :)

May 08 2009


escwebs wrote:

I think I've just about got all the major layout work completed on a book project I've been working on for my Dad. Just sent a punch list of open issues and the latest PDF off to him for proofing. I need to finish this by next week so I can finally...

escwebs wrote:

Watching a bunny eating the dandelions that sprouted up in the yard with all the rain the past week. Go bunny go! (Saves me from pulling them later)

May 06 2009


escwebs posted a link:

It's MAKE Day! The new issue (#18) just arrived of the magazine every self-professed geek must subscribe to: MAKE. I just started thumbing through it, but there's a cool rain barrel project and an LED panel I think I'm going to try. And for you...

May 01 2009


escwebs wrote:

Hobbit Motel in New Zealand? $105 US a night is not bad to live like a Hobbit. :) http://www.woodlynpark.co.nz/thehobbitmotel.html

escwebs wrote:

I just received a massive discount on an Amazon order that was labeled "50". It was roughly 25% off. Anyone seen this before? And how can I get it again? :)

April 29 2009


escwebs wrote:

I was contacted by one of the bigger new media companies today about adding FMEO to their network. I told them to send more info - I figure the worst case scenario is I say "no". ;)

April 28 2009


escwebs wrote:

Holy cow! I'm going from message to message one moment and then BAM! there's SocialKloud!! Cool!

April 24 2009


escwebs wrote:

Fans of classic Looney Tunes - and especially Chuck Jones - should definitely check out Chuck Redux at http://blog.chuckjones.com/ Just came across it this morning.

April 23 2009


escwebs posted a link:

Desktop Thursday! Space sunset over the Pacific.

escwebs posted a link:

After a marathon of Road Runner toons last night, I'm convinced Wile E Coyote is the original Maker...

April 17 2009


escwebs wrote:

I must admit that as I sit here cleaning crap out of my "old style" Apple desktop keyboard, the new "chiclet" keyboard is looking a lot more attractive to me.

April 16 2009


escwebs posted a link:

Desktop Thursday! A little retro-rainbow Apple action...

April 13 2009


escwebs wrote:

I got snapped by the Google Street View car the other day. I wonder how long new images take to show up on Google Maps?

April 10 2009


escwebs posted a link:

Plush Jobs is here! And he's awesome in that scary "why-would-they-even-think-to-make-this-let-alone-me-buy-it sort of way". ;)

April 08 2009


escwebs wrote:

It's official. I have a disease. I just secured two MORE domain names. You're welcome Revision3 for using your discount code... :)
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